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Honeycomb cardboard pallets

Honeycomb pallets are suitable for storing and transporting various types of products by land, air and sea. We produce not only standard europallets, but we can also offer several types and strengths of pallets, which we choose for each client individually according to load and other specific needs.

Since cardboard pallets are made exclusively of honeycomb and glue, they are completely safe for the products and customers, as well as for your warehouse staff because they do not contain insects, bacteria, and fungi, unlike wooden pallets. Honeycomb pallets are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Advantages of honeycomb pallets:

  • Produced according to the dimensions and shapes required by the customer;
  • Ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries, where pollution is a problem;
  • Suitable for air transport as pallets are extremely lightweight;
  • Ideal for exports, where wood packaging is subject to appropriate restrictions;
  • Used pallets can be handed for recycling.
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