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Promotional panel

The first impression is very important to the future of one’s business, so various advertising solutions come in handy. Honeycomb cardboard and panels are used to make showcase decorations, promotional stands and panels, display shelves, and special equipment for exhibitions. Simple and more intricate design solutions are adapted to make portable yet sturdy cardboard creations that can be used for greeting cards, like the magazine, newspaper, book, flyer, baby basket, or high tea stands, etc.

Eco-friendly corrugated and honeycomb cardboard is perfect for making eye-catching exhibition ideas reality. Suppliers are ready to design cut colorful banner or a backdrop for your floor stand with plenty of storage space. We also have simple design pre-made cardboard stands and shelves for sale.

The honeycomb panel is produced specifically for advertising solutions and is suitable for UV printing. Honeycomb panels are made by gluing honeycomb core between two layers of thick white paper. Only natural glue that contains no toxic materials is used for production. These boards are known for their extreme durability, good thermal and sound insulation. Thanks to their properties, the design of the honeycomb panels makes them highly useful for advertising solutions, while the options for implementing various creative solutions are endless. Honeycomb panels can be used in a variety of areas: visual advertising and cardboard furniture production, display stands, equipment for exhibitions, interior design, creating artwork, toys for children.

Parameters Measurement units Standard
External cardboard grammage g/m² 400
Cell size mm 8
Width mm up to 1220
Height mm 10, 16
Length mm up to 2400
Compressive resistance KN 6
Tolerance of panel dimensions, length/width mm ± 5
Tolerance of panel dimensions, thickness mm ± 0.5

Technical specifications of honeycomb panels

  • Ideal for digital (UV) printing
  • Lightweight, compact and ergonomic
  • Easy to assemble without the need to use additional tools
  • Easily customisable for various fields
  • Strong and stable
  • More durable and lighter than fibreboards
  • These are recycled paper products that are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

Panel processing, production of shaped boards

Our modern CNC cutting units make it possible to achieve precise accuracy when cutting out shaped boards. With easy-to-change modules, we can achieve various shapes and cuts, cut materials of various types and thicknesses, crease, bend, puncture, and perform all other necessary panel processing works.

Honeycomb cardboard decorations

Honeycomb cardboard letters

Honeycomb cardboard furniture

Compositional options of honeycomb panels allow creating exclusive solutions for the installation of exhibitions. The lightweight and robust structure is suitable for the most complex solutions. Honeycomb can be used to make partitions, furniture and various decorative elements.

Exhibition equipment from honeycomb has many advantages. The products are light, the installation usually does not require any complex tools and connections, and the creative possibilities are unlimited.

Most often, a large part of the cost of travelling to exhibitions consists of transporting the equipment. In this case, one can save by transporting honeycomb products only to one end. After the event, all promotional equipment can be disposed of as waste paper.

Expositional stands made of honeycomb panels are light, durable and inexpensive. Honeycomb stands allow products to be displayed on the floor in a variety of ways: in the middle of the floor, back-to-wall or near other shelves. It is an excellent solution for temporarily displaying items that are easily noticeable at trade or other display locations. Stands are made of a single material, i.e. cardboard, without any other materials for joints, so they can be easily recycled after use.

Promotional stands from honeycomb panels can be both customised and selected from a pre-existing catalogue. Our qualified designers will create promotional stands based on the most elaborate ideas and wishes.

The honeycomb panel is often used to implement a variety of ideas for showcases. The material is robust, very light, cheap enough, making it particularly appealing to advertisers. The ability to print UV print directly on the panel expands the use of this material. Creative designers use the honeycomb panel to make various decorations at the point of sale and in public spaces. Products made from honeycomb panels can be erected, hanged and combined into various structural compositions.

The honeycomb panel is suitable for a variety of advertising solutions, such as suspended panels and decorations, used in supermarket interior spaces and extremely light and safe for visitors.

Honeycomb is eco-friendly, so you won’t have to worry how to get rid of old showcase decorations or billboards after an advertising campaign. They can simply be disposed of as paper waste.

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