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About us

Žemaitijos Spauda UAB has been involved in the production of packaging materials since 2003. In 2015, to offer eco-friendly packaging solutions to consumers, we started making honeycomb cores as well as honeycomb panels and products.

Our main products are the honeycomb core and honeycomb panels. The unique hexagonal shape of the honeycomb is used in various industries from construction to logistics.

Honeycomb panels and boards are mainly used for packing and safe transportation of various products. The honeycomb panels are used to cut boards of various sizes and thicknesses, which then act as fillers and additional protection for packaging various products. Our company supplies honeycomb boards to the largest furniture manufacturers in the country.

We are the only company in Lithuania producing solid white honeycomb panels for the production of cardboard furniture, decorations and toys, various advertising, interior and art projects. Promotional honeycomb panels are used to make exposition stands and promotional stands. It is an excellent material for a variety of creative solutions, especially when it comes to light, robust, cheap and environmentally friendly solutions.

Our customers appreciate our high quality standards, reliability and flexibility. Honeycomb core and panels are produced in accordance with environmentally-friendly ecological requirements. The company has been awarded the stable company certificate and the CrefoCertSTABILUS mark.

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