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Honeycomb cardboard

Paper Honeycomb core is a honeycomb mesh made from recycled cardboard. Due to its unique structural features – vertical hexagons put in between two plain sheets – the honeycomb cardboard has exceptional durability.

The strength properties of the honeycomb core depend on the size of hexagonal cells – the smaller they are, the stronger the mesh is. Manufacturers always try to advance the material’s properties experimenting with cell size, mesh, or outer paper sheet thickness. As for now, the best honeycomb cardboard products can withstand loads of up to 800 kg/m2. That is the same weight as of grown-up giraffe’s!

Honeycomb core’s durability also depends on the materials used in the manufacturing process – paper and adhesive. As it is made from recycled cardboard, paper honeycomb core connects durability with socially and environmentally responsible practices and saves the planet. Only naturally occurring adhesives are used in the production of the honeycomb core. As suppliers guarantee adhesives do not contain any toxic substances, the end-product reaches customers being 100% organic!

The honeycomb core is used to produce panels and boards of various thicknesses, which are widely used instead of wood, corrugated cardboard, paper corners, or polystyrene foam. These alternatives highlight paper honeycomb’s strength and lightweight properties – the standard sheet weighs only about 1500 g/m2 and is one of the lightest natural packaging materials on the market.

Honeycomb core’s versatility allows it to be used in many industries and environments – manufacturing, logistics, packaging, and storage. It can be used instead of heavy wooden pallets or packed with sent materials as blocks or pads to fill up the box’s empty space and make sure the product itself stays intact. Honeycomb core’s use is not limited to making transportation boxes – it expands towards more everyday uses of said material.

As honeycomb core looks pleasing from the outside, furniture and interior design sectors use paper honeycomb core to make shelves, stools, mattresses, etc. Such furniture is sturdy and easy to assemble as a DIY project.

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