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Cardboard packaging

As the demand for non-standard goods is growing, we must keep up and offer creative services to solve customer’s problems. Eco-friendly cardboard packaging solutions are a great alternative for using a plastic filler or polystyrene foam.

Cardboard packaging boxes are cut and glued together after carefully measuring the product itself to fit it perfectly. Such boxes are a great way to pack and transport fragile and expensive gifts; this solution is irreplaceable for books or bottles, works of art, empty or full glass jars. Special inserts, dividers, and the sturdy honeycomb cardboard filler will keep valuable products safe from breaking, scratching, and other physical damages.

Eco-cardboard packaging

Eco-cardboard packaging trays are one of the best options to use when serving or transporting food and drinks: fruits, baked goods, cans, etc. Eco-cardboard also acts as the best material to use for colourful and attractive header packaging. Eco-cardboard boxes can also be used for delivering meals and cutting the numbers of plastic food containers dumped in landfills. However, as most of the trash accumulates due to single-use and non-degradable plastics encouraging customers to switch to environmental ideas instead, we are not offering eco-friendly bags yet.

As e-commerce and retail companies look for innovative yet complex packaging solutions and engaging design to follow up from the product itself, eco-cardboard manufacturers can suggest not only that but reliable and durable supplies as well. In the cases when the product itself is too big to put in a box, companies are advised to opt-out for using strong cardboard corners to protect goods from chips and scratches.

Throughout Europe and all around the world, cardboard packaging materials are gaining their popularity at an impressive speed – they provide much-needed protection and allows businesses to save recourses on shipping costs as they are lightweight. Eco packaging solutions are a responsible way of assuring the one-of-a-kind product reaches the customer in excellent conditions.

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