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Thanks to their properties, i.e. durability, lightness and low cost, honeycomb products are used for packaging paper, furniture, glass, ceramics, electronics, automation products and equipment. The ability to cut out any shape makes the honeycomb perfect for packaging non-standard products, such as complex industrial equipment, sanitary ware and fragile items.

Honeycomb products are eco-friendly, which is a great advantage when transporting goods to countries where high charges apply for packaging recovery. This material allows companies to make significant savings.

Advantages of honeycomb in packaging and transportation:

Weight. Honeycomb weighs less than corrugated cardboard. This is especially useful for the logistics industry. As the weight of the packaging is directly related to the cost of transport, the light packaging material allows companies to make better use of their finances.

Resistance. Thanks to its unique design, the honeycomb packaging has the ability to absorb impacts. Packaging products with this type of cardboard can effectively protect the goods during transportation. Honeycomb fillers not only provide stability for packaged products, but also alleviate any impact on the container.

Adaptability. The ability to cut out any shape makes the honeycomb perfect for packaging non-standard products, such as complex manufacturing, electrical equipment, car parts and fragile items. The Swiss cutting unit ZUND G3 L2500, with the extremely precise cutting of cavities, allows customising honeycomb panels to individual packaging solutions.

Ecology. In many countries, large charges for the recovery of packaging waste are applied. Honeycomb products are made from 100% recyclable materials certified by the FSC and thus solve this problem because the used packaging can be recycled.

Corrugated cardboard is one of the most reliable ways of packaging. Packages made of corrugated cardboard are durable and inexpensive. We can produce boxes of custom dimensions to help protect the packed products during transportation. The surface of the box protects the goods from external damage by reducing impact force. Corrugated cardboard provides protection from humidity, dust and other environmental impacts.

Corrugated cardboard is a long-lasting and durable material which does not change its properties, maintains solidity and is suitable for storage.

Corrugated cardboard packaging – we produce custom-made cardboard boxes in various constructions from micro-corrugated cardboard which can have either three or five layers.

These packages are perfectly suitable for packing and transporting goods.

No cutting forms are needed for the production of examples or small circulations, so the price of the package is truly affordable.  CNC machinery allows us to produce quality packaging in less time; therefore, they are used to produce smaller quantities. Having a large cutting machine area (1,8 m x 2,5 m), we can produce particularly big packages and boxes. If necessary, we can also produce large quantities of products. Corrugated cardboard boxes can be made with either direct print on cardboard or from laminated cardboard with print.

Packaging inserts – cardboard inserts protect the products from damage during transportation, as well as keep the products “in place”.

We customize the inserts according to the dimensions of the product and your available packaging. All types of cardboard are used for the production of inserts, which can be printed according to individual design.

Promotional stands made from corrugated cardboard remain one of the most effective and cheap ways to inform potential customers about the goods or services they offer. They are usually used in malls, public spaces or exhibitions. Promotional stands are individually customized according to certain products. They might have a print. The manufactured stands can be easily assembled and transported.

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