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Logistics and transportation

Durable, yet light packaging materials are important for running a business. To ensure product safety, it is necessary to use protective packaging, but they are often subject to strict weight and pollution restrictions. The heavier the packaging, the higher the cost. In many countries, non-organic materials are subject to heavy packaging pollution charges. As a result, companies are increasingly looking for non-standard ecological packaging solutions.

Honeycomb is increasingly used in the shipping of goods by various transportation means: ships, trains, trucks and airplanes. Organic honeycomb products are used in logistics: fillers, panels and boards.

The lightweight, yet robust honeycomb design with exceptional compressive and impact resistance makes it possible to safely transport a wide range of loads by providing additional protection both from the inside and outside of the package. Honeycomb panels are used to fill gaps between pallets, using them instead of or together with air bags. In order to provide additional cushioning for the load, the vehicle floor or walls are lined with honeycomb. Honeycomb cardboard can be used as robust filler when stacking loads on pallets in multiple rows.

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