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Honeycomb cardboard sheets

Honeycomb cardboard sheets and boards are made using natural adhesives to bond honeycomb mesh in between two layers of recycled cardboard. Honeycomb cardboard is a great alternative for corrugated cardboard as it uses significantly less paper in its construction. The material’s structural properties allow suppliers to provide businesses with different variations of cardboard sheets to maximize the material’s applicability and meet customers’ needs better.

Honeycomb cardboard’s exceptional durability is consistently maintained despite manufacturers making the sheets and boards in different thicknesses. As all types of honeycomb cardboard are used throughout various sectors of industry, they do have special purposes. The least thick boards can be used for packing small individual products which later would be packed all together in a box made from nothing else than honeycomb cardboard. For example, 1-inch thick honeycomb cardboard sheets are used for packing and for shipping dangerous items. This material is sturdy enough to be used instead of wooden crates or wooden panels.

All know that the bigger is better; therefore, manufacturers offer businesses a large variety of honeycomb cardboard sheets sizes. Sizes vary from 40×40 mm, with smallest core cells, to giant cardboard sheets measuring 1500×3000 mm. Despite the size, rigid honeycomb cardboard is used to make boxes and packaging solutions that are more difficult to implement. All orders and goals are exceeded with new cardboard sheet cutting technologies and innovative mounting elements allowing adaptation of a more creative approach to simple packaging tasks.

Honeycomb cardboard sheets are boards that are widely used for packaging and packing. Material’s adaptability and durability encourage businesses to switch from using well-known non-organic solutions to more socially and ecologically responsible practices. As honeycomb cardboard is nature-friendly material, customers all around the world are more than welcome to buy from experienced suppliers only.

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