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Durable and lightweight honeycomb cardboard is used to make a variety of eco toys such as toy houses, cardboard strongholds, dollhouses with furniture, and much more! 3D houses are an exceptionally popular option because they can be used as a tool to develop children’s creativity and imagination. Such box toys and decorations are used in kindergartens, creative groups, daycare centers, and private households, allowing kids to spend their time playing in carefully crafted and safe playhouses.

These eco houses can be improved by little paint masters as white cardboard products can be painted and pasted. Organic toys can also be made of brown cardboard, which is usually used for innovative and sturdy packaging solutions and box making. Even though brown paper houses are less durable than white panel buildings, they are just as fun to color, upgrade, and personalize. Besides that, cardboard eco houses and strongholds are cheaper than alternative plastic ones, thus families are can afford a new one when other one breaks. As adults also like to go back to childhood sometimes, box house is interesting not only for kids to play.

As toy houses are made of honeycomb cardboard, they are very convenient as they do not require any additional tools for building them. Every house comes with instructions on how to build it, so the ‘construction’ process does not take long. Toy houses, despite being big, they are easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can trust your kid with this process. We use only eco-friendly materials to make honeycomb cardboard itself, starting with recycled paper and finishing with natural adhesive to bind different layers of the material together. As honeycomb panels are lightweight parents are guaranteed their kids will not get hurt if too many games make the house collapse.

As for this day, we offer several different models of paper houses and strongholds for sale. You can choose from a variety of sizes and two options for materials. If necessary, we can customize products according to an individual design and exact measurements. Here you can find dimensions and price for each of the eco toy houses from honeycomb (prices include VAT):

White dollhouse without furniture 870x1100x470 mm—EUR 52

White dollhouse with furniture 870x1100x470 mm—EUR 67

White house 600x1100x835 mm—EUR 44

Brown house 600x1100x835 mm—EUR 23

White stronghold 880x2500x1190 mm—EUR 180

Brown stronghold 880x2500x1190 mm—EUR 108

White tower 880x880x1190 mm—EUR 59

Brown tower 880x880x1190 mm—EUR 35

White Gediminas Tower 880x850x107 mm—EUR 53

Brown Gediminas Tower 880x850x107 mm—EUR 30

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