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Bottle packaging

As most bottles are glass and very fragile, even a little scratch can turn into a crack and result in a puddle of liquid on the floor, making this product stand out when talking about its need to reach customers safely. Our special bottle packaging is made from recycled and sturdy materials. We use corrugated cardboard and honeycomb cardboard to make complex packaging and bottle shipping solutions. Both materials consist of several layers of cardboard bonded together by natural adhesive ensuring the popularisation of eco-friendly manufacturing processes. The material itself is lightweight yet strong to provide the product with much-needed protection.

Packaging manufacturers are working very closely with bottle suppliers; they are able to provide the market with solutions that meet companies’ expectations, thus creating several types of bottle packaging. The individual bottles can be measured and put into honeycomb cardboard boxes with precise cuts to fit the product seamlessly; this solution is best for shipping. Another solution is a cardboard bottle holder ideally for 3 or 6 bottles; this is the most convenient way for customers to transport bottles from shops to their own homes. As one may store bigger amounts of bottled drinks, box bottle dividers and inserts are the best option for protecting each product from touching another and losing its commercial appearance. As bottle sizes vary greatly, packaging size differs from one order to another, making any businesses’ wishes true.

The eco-friendliness of bottle packaging is very important for those who want not only their bottled natural product to be environmentally friendly but also the packaging. Hemp bottle is an alternative to glass; however, it is a bit more expensive due to the specific manufacturing process. As hemp bioplastics have very similar properties to glass bottles, both materials need the same levels of cardboard protection.

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