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The unique hexagonal shape of the honeycomb is used in various industries from construction to logistics. The honeycomb structure is robust, light, resistant to compression, and can therefore be used in the manufacture of furniture, doors, internal partitions, as well as in the production of honeycomb panels, fillers, pallets and other articles for packaging and transportation.

Packaging solutions. Honeycomb cardboard is used to package various products. The ability to cut out any shape makes the honeycomb perfect for packaging standard and non-standard products, such as complex industrial equipment, sanitary ware, fragile items, furniture, home appliances, and car parts.

Logistics and transportation. Honeycomb is increasingly used in the transportation of goods in a variety of vehicles: ships, trains, trucks and airplanes. The lightweight, yet robust design with exceptional compressive and impact resistance makes it possible to safely transport a wide range of loads by protecting them both from the inside and outside of the package. Honeycomb panels are used to fill gaps between pallets, using them instead of or together with air bags. In order to provide additional cushioning for the load, the vehicle floor or walls are lined with honeycomb.

Manufacture of furniture and doors. Honeycomb core is used as an insert for the manufacture of panels for furniture, doors and internal partitions. Manufacturers like this material for its light weight, durability, resistance to compression, good sound and thermal insulation properties and also saving money by reducing production cost.

Products from promotional panels. Lamination of both sides of a honeycomb mesh with a thick 400 g white cardboard produces a solid panel that is used to make cardboard furniture, decorations, display shelves, promotional stands and other products. Honeycomb panel is produced specifically for advertising solutions and is suitable for UV printing.

Packaging and transportation

Manufacture of furniture and doors

Promotional panel

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