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Honeycomb panels can be cut into boards of required dimensions, to be used for packing various products and goods, absorbing impacts and protecting corners. Honeycomb boards can be used by placing them inside the package or using them to protect the freight from the outside.

Minimum dimensions of the boards: 20 mm x 50 mm.

Tolerance for dimensions of honeycomb boards: length/width ± 1 mm thickness ± 0.5 mm.

Board customisation options. Honeycomb boards are mainly used for packaging various products. They can be rectangular, triangular and have more sophisticated shapes, including cavities. Boards are customised for packaging specific products.

Packing furniture and home appliances. Rectangular boards cut out from panels of different thicknesses are used to package products into boxes. They are designed to fill empty spaces and create an additional protective layer.  They are usually used for packaging furniture, home appliances and other products.

Protecting corners. Honeycomb boards feature exceptional compressive resistance, making them ideal for protecting corners. Vertical incisions in rectangular boards can be folded to provide protection for products with steep angles. Simply reinforce corners with packaging tapes or film. This way of packaging is suitable for furniture, computer hardware, home appliances, and other products.

Cavities for specific products. Honeycomb panels can be cut into various board shapes with cavities, designed for packaging specific products. Such boards will be particularly useful for protecting fragile and breakable items. Our designers will create prototypes and make technical drawings of the boards specifically for your products.

Pallet-sized fillers. Cut pallet-sized boards will allow you to protect your freight, packaged in crates and stacked on a pallet in several rows. Multiple rows of various volumes can be stacked on the honeycomb panels.  The panels have high durability and can withstand up to 800 kg/m² of compression, making them ideal for both light and heavy loads.

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