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Manufacture of furniture and doors

Honeycomb core is used as an insert for the manufacture of furniture, doors and internal partitions. Manufacturers like this material because it allows reducing the cost of products and provides other benefits. The honeycomb core is light, resistant to compression, easy to recycle, does not release any harmful substances, and has excellent sound and thermal insulation properties. Products made of a honeycomb core panel are characterised by exceptional lightness and strength.

Panels of this type are often used to install partitions in public spaces: offices, changing rooms, public toilets, showers. Doors and partitions with honeycomb core are much cheaper and lighter than their prototypes from wood chips, so customers can save a lot.

Furniture made of honeycomb core panels is about 60% lighter than the glued fibreboards. This panel withstands heavy loads and allows to make eye-catching, massive, modern and at the same time mobile furniture. Such furniture is often used in interiors of public spaces. Lightness is a huge advantage in transporting furniture, carrying it by stairs or moving it to another location.

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