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Promotional panel

The honeycomb panel is produced specifically for advertising solutions and is suitable for UV printing. Honeycomb panels are made by gluing honeycomb core between two layers of thick white paper. Only natural glue that contains no toxic materials is used for production. These boards are known for their extreme durability, good thermal and sound insulation. Thanks to their properties, the design of the honeycomb panels makes them highly useful for advertising solutions, while the options for implementing various creative solutions are endless. Honeycomb panels can be used in a variety of areas: visual advertising and cardboard furniture production, display stands, equipment for exhibitions, interior design, creating artwork, toys for children.

Parameters Measurement units Standard
External cardboard grammage g/m² 400
Cell size mm 8
Width mm up to 1220
Height mm 10, 16
Length mm up to 2400
Compressive resistance KN 6
Tolerance of panel dimensions, length/width mm ± 5
Tolerance of panel dimensions, thickness mm ± 0.5

Technical specifications of honeycomb panels

  • Ideal for digital (UV) printing
  • Lightweight, compact and ergonomic
  • Easy to assemble without the need to use additional tools
  • Easily customisable for various fields
  • Strong and stable
  • More durable and lighter than fibreboards
  • These are recycled paper products that are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

Panel processing, production of shaped boards

Our Swiss cutting unit ZUND G3 L 2500 makes it possible to achieve precise accuracy when cutting out shaped boards. With easy-to-change modules, we can achieve various shapes and cuts, cut materials of various types and thicknesses, crease, bend, puncture, and perform all other necessary panel processing works.

Honeycomb cardboard decorations

Honeycomb cardboard letters

Honeycomb cardboard furniture

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